Tax Solutions

We know atlantic canada

Atlantic Canada is a unique place to live. We’ve also got some unique tax credits. Don’t miss out on the tax savings available to individuals and businesses in the Atlantic provinces.

Personal Tax

Our team is ready to prepare and file your personal income tax return. We see our job as an opportunity to identify missed tax savings, and reduce your current and future tax liabilities. We remain available throughout the year to help you with CRA reviews and representations.

Corporate Tax

We specialize in corporate tax preparation for companies in the construction, manufacturing and fishing industries in Atlantic Canada. Our tax team will work with you to maximize your deductions and minimize your tax liability. Trust us to handle your corporate tax needs and leave you with peace of mind. 

Estates and Trusts

A good tax strategy is a plan to make sure your money goes where you want it to after you’re gone. This can help avoid paying too much tax on your final tax return. A few good strategies including leaving assets to your spouse, giving money to charity, or not having too much money in things that are taxed at a high rate. We can help make sure you don’t have to pay too many taxes on your estate and make sure everything is done correctly and on time.